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LIC revised it’s interest rate for various financial transactions like loan and dating back of policies for year 2012-13. Major change you look for is loan rate which is currently 9% changed to 10%.  Revival and Dating Back of policies changed from existing 8% to 9.5%. The details of the same are as below

Srl No. Type of Transaction Current Rate of Interest (%) Revised Rate of interest (%)
1 Policy loans (under all plans except Jeevan Aastha (Plan 195) and Jeevan Vridhhi (Plan 808) 9 10
2 Policy Loans under Jeevan Aastha (Plan 195) and Jeevan Vridhhi (Plan 808) 10.25 10.5
3 For policies issued on or after 1/1/1987 a) Arrears of premiums within 6 months from the date of FUP and b) For revivals 8 9.5
4 Arrears of premiums for alterations and age providing higher 9.5
5 Dating back of policies 8 9.5
6 Discount factor for a) Commutation of instalments under educational annuity policies, b) commutation of Income Benefits under Multi-purpose, Guaranteed benefits under annuity policeis and c) unpaid instalments under settlement options 9.5
7 Settlement options for Maturity Claims 6
8 a) Advance payment of premiums (for all plans except Jeevan Sneha (Plan 128) 5 6
b) Advance payment of premiums for jeevan Sneha (Plan 128) 10
9 Delayed payment of claims 11.5
10 Discounted value or accumulated value for calculation of Special Surrender Value under Jeevan Saral (Plan 165) 7.5
11 Accumulation of survival benefits under Jeevan Bharati (Plan 160) and Jeevan Bharati I (Plan 192) 4
12 Discounting of claims during the last year of policy term 9
13 Reinstatement of surrendered policies 10.5

For further clarification you can look for LIC’s circular of Actl/PS/2202/4 dated 28/04/2012